Two friends in process
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Two friends in process



27 -12-2019

Two friends, hand-in-hand.
Gerard gave me three just-born babyrabbits, eyes still shut. Sadly enough they haven’ lived long, I don’t know why.
My first intention was to make three baby-Jezus-girls out of them, hanging around Maria’s legs. However, Maria never came out as Maria-the-mother that I intended her to be. I couldn’t get her fur coat blue and the urgency of making an Maria evanesced. Instead I made a proud Hare-girl.

One of the baby-rabbits had already changed into a sausage-shaped Jezus, spotted by one of our cats. Don’t know where she is now.

Now the two other vulnerable little skins only have each other. Together with the challenge to make the move to more of human-like figures they will become two little girlfriends. Can’t wait to see how they will come out!

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