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About the work



Landscapes and animals are not landscapes and animals, they are dots of paint. You  can see the animals as if they were people. The paintings are about human nature: surprise, being together, just-not-making-it, loneliness, beauty, innocence, alertness and contentment.

The focus is at the small things, which you almost pass without seeing. Color, shape and coincidence will seduce you to take a new look at the everyday new ordinary things. Oil on canvas, untidy as a virtue, impulsivity combined with caring craftsmanship.

Merleau-Ponty (1962) describes that understanding and experiencing is led by what the senses show you. Meaning is created in the moment, where painting and viewer meet. That which occurs, is not entirely to grasp in language. My paintings like to offer that openness: you see your own story when viewing the work. That what I show you from my world, does not need to be the same as what you see.

studiowork hare karen van dooren

Karen van Dooren

Born in Deventer, The Netherlands
Lives and works in Nijmegen



– Taxidermy birds, Bos en fauna, Schaarsbergen

–  Taxidermy small mammals, Bos en fauna, Schaarsbergen

– International Master of Arts Therapies, Cooperation University of Freiburg – Arnhem Nijmegen, Germany – The Netherlands  (Masters degree)

– Fine Arts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem (HKA), the Netherlands (Bachelors degree)

– Art Therapy, Hogeschool Nijmegen, the Netherlands (Bachelors degree)

– Art Education, Tehatex, Hogeschool Gelderse Leergangen, Nijmegen (Propedeuse)

– Ceramics & other courses, Highschool Newington, Connecticut, USA.




– Project Subsidie for project “Kamperfoeliestraat”, Province of Gelderland

– Ceramics Award Newington Highschool